Intact Remote Backup is a simple, safe, secure, reliable way to keep all of your critical information safe from any disaster...including yourself.
Simple...All you have to do is specify which files and folders are important to you and when you would like those files backed up.
Safe...Your data is housed in a secure facility that features 24 hour monitoring, video surveillance, emergency power, fire suppression and climate control, ensuring the safety of your files is never compromised.
Secure...Prior to leaving your computer, each file is secured using government level encryption - Your data is never seen by anyone and you are the only one who holds the key.
Reliable...Every day your files are automatically collected, encrypted and stored off-site in our secure facility, where they are available to you at any time, should disaster strike.
  basic plan   standard plan
All of your irreplaceable information is all too often lost forever if disaster strikes. Heartache and headache can be prevented.

  smartrate plan   enterprise plan
Data. It's everything. You put your business at risk every night you don't backup the important information on your computers. You are more likely to suffer data loss than get into a car accident. Don't take that chance.

  how it works   remote backup... how does that work?
All of your data is securely encrypted, automatically transmitted offsite to our secure data centre, and is available any time should disaster strike.

  help wanted   do you have what it takes?
Significant opportunity awaits the right person. Earn good upfront commission and high percentage residuals by becoming a certified agent.

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