Intact IT

basic plan
only $14.95

150MB monthly transfer
   of compressed data
$ 2.99 each additional
   50MB of transfer

2000MB (2GB) maximum
   total storage
$ 5.00 each additional
   100MB of online storage
2 restores included.
   Additional restores are
   only $ 2.50 each.

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  Protect all of your personal important data

Digital photos, MP3s, email, contact information, term papers, research, school work. All of these are usually kept on your personal computer, all of these are irreplaceable and all of these are all too often lost forever if disaster strikes. With intact remote backup you have no worries; we've got your back.

With intact remote backup, all of your personal information (and more) is securely encrypted and a copy automatically sent to our secure data centre where all of your information is available to you, at any time, should disaster strike. You are afforded complete protection from, among other things, viruses, hard drive failure, power failure, accidental deletion, and theft.
  consider what you could lose
  personal information   financial information
A lot of personal information resides on your computer and requires safekeeping. Email, contacts, tax records, banking info and schedules and appointments are a few that immediately come to mind.
  term papers   school work
Whether in grade school or university countless hours are spent creating school work that could be destroyed in seconds. Backing it up is not something you should fail to do.
  digital pictures   digital photos
With the proliferation of digital cameras computers are relied on more and more to keep those precious family memories safe. If something should happen, you can't recapture those moments without proper backups.
  mp3 files   mp3 files
Hours of collecting and downloading are easily preserved with regular secure backups.
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