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Causes of Lost Data
  Peace of Mind. Isn't that What it's all About?

With intact remote backup, you can concentrate on running your business and using your computer and not on worrying about whether your critical information is safe.

How it works is quite simple. You install a small piece of client software on your computer, tell it which files are important to you and when you would like those files backed up. That's it!

Each and every day, at the scheduled time, the software automatically wakes up, evaluates your data for changes, collects the changed data, compresses and encrypts it and transmits it to our secure data centre, where it is kept safe and secure, away from potential perils.

Your data is securely encrypted, using Government level encryption, before it ever leaves your computer. Your data is stored at our secure data centre in its encrypted state and only you hold the key. It is extremely important that you don't lose the key because not even we can access your data!

Simple, Secure, Reliable!
  with intact you are always ensured of
    simple to use
Once setup it's all automatic with no intervention required! No need to remember to backup. and after the first time only the changed portions of each file are sent rather than whole file.
    better way to backup
There are other ways to preserve your information, but they all take time, expertise and discipline. Even if you did everything right (daily backups that were encrypted and stored on CD and taken to an offsite location) the time it would take is better spent on other things, like making money.
    retrieve your last six versions
Built in version control maintains your last six versions on a 60 day rotation. The latest copy of all of your files is always maintained and available for immediate retrieval.
    protect your data
From perils of all kinds including... yourself. We've all done it. Pressed the delete button, only to realize a few seconds later that the wrong file was selected. No worries, just retrieve your latest version at any time and you're right back at it.
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